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Please Contact if Interested!
When I purchased these Domains through Go Daddy, maybe fifteen years ago, I was promised a five page web site for life, so long as I remained with Go Daddy. 
I have been informed of some changes. 
The truth is that I am not quite sure what is going to happen. 
Please be aware, however, if all of a sudden my sites seem to no longer exist, then please try to add ".godaddysites.com" to the URL. 
This will mean that I have been forced to Upgrade to a different format despite the contractual agreement that I signed fifteen years ago, and have been "Faithful" to for the entire length of time concerning my numerous Domains that I have purchased up to the present day. In the past, I have even let go of others after both purchasing and renewing them for a few years. 
The following is a link that shows what my future sites might look like, if I am forced to "Upgrade," though I have no desire to do it.
Link: https://hisapostleorg.godaddysites.com/
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